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I.T.E.M. founded 1998, is a total solution service provider for Computer / I.T. Room Site Preparation projects.

We specialize in carrying out Turn-key projects to oversee the responsibilities for such activities including:-

* Site survey and selection
* Design and budgeting
* Supply and Installation of environmental control equipment
* Supply and Installation of structured cabling systems
* Site Construction
* Testing and Commissioning of the above work
* Maintenance of the above work

We provide the resources to professionally carry out the work and project manage it to ensure that the work is performed in a well coordinated manner, complete on time, within budget and in approved quality.

Our total solution service further extends to provide a Maintenance Program that covers scheduled periodic preventive maintenance (inspections, tests and repair) and Emergency Callout Service which is available 24 hours per day round the clock.

The strengths of I.T.E.M. lie in our people, our management team and their relevant industrial experience and our dedication & commitment to providing a second-to-none professional service. Our mission is to delivery On Time, In Quality, and On Budget. We breath and live on that motto!

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