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We are trained to have expertise knowledge in the various aspects of Environmental Equipment and Systems for Networking and Computer / I.T. Room setup. We are versed with the functional specifications and performance levels of the more advanced and proven brand names and models in the market and their performance and compatibility with each other in a computer room environment. our engineers excels in tuning them to their best performance level in relation to a particular combination and setting of customer requirements. We profess in the System Design, Sourcing, Installation and Maintenance of:

Computer / I.T. Room
* Electrical Systems
* Air-conditioning Systems
* UPS Systems
* Fire Protection Systems
* Standby Generators
* Site Monitoring Facilities
* Office Fit-up

Networking Systems
* Structured Cabling Systems
* Networking Solution
* Cabling System Maintenance
* Data Frames, Equipment Cabinets
* Multi-Media Storage Cabinets
* Engineered Computer Furniture

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I.T.E.M. Engineering Ltd.